April 24, 2010

Crazy Mind on Satnite

So,  it's 11 p.m and i still cant sleep cuz i still have to finish my assignments for practical test. It's soooo damn ridiculous. I already have my written test. so, why need more practical test??? Or at least the practical test should be the lessons that previously weren't included on written test.But in fact, NO!!! *sigh

Gah, those whole things ruin me crazy.  I have sundanese poetry reading, english drama, P.E which there are sooooo many damn tests, vocal group, physics, biology, IT, and those whole fucking things should be done immediately next week.  This is sooooo soooo soooo crazy.

Okay, i forgot that i also have a selection test for admission of new students that will be held on May 10-13th. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I want a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

These whole things drive me crazy and i really really need refreshing.

Guys, just wish me luck on everything i will face. And wish me i don't end up crazy and mess


April 7, 2010

John Mayer, please come to Indonesia!!! Have a concert here!!

So, this morning i woke up and kept thinking about John Mayer John Mayer and John Mayer. Then i thought, what makes him didn't wanna come to Indonesia? I'm pretty sure that many fans of him in Indonesia waiting for his coming to Indonesia.

I searched on Google (damn, this machine helped me) and found out that he has no reason.(???!) Come on, it's so ridiculous.

John John John John pleaaaaseeeee come to Indonesia. Have a concert here.
Shhh, sometimes i wish i could live in America or Canada.

April 5, 2010

Follow Me on Tumblr

If you guys have tumblr or you have tumblr and love John Mayer, Manchester United, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, or you just like posting something on tumblr... well, follow me ghasanish on tumblr

My practical test

Yeeaaaaayy!! The holiday start over again!!! Just 3 days, but no problem.

Today, i went to school and hoped there would be something i could do. But in fact, i didnt do anything because there was no teacher came to my class. sigh.

But i got a good news that the 9th grade will have days off for 3 days.

Uh, i forget that i have a practical test that should be due on 19th April. Gosh, i hate school!!!!!! But fortunately i dont have to do it my self, it's kinda..um.. i can do it together with my friends, hahaah.

Wish me luck guys, this result will appear on my certificate.

April 4, 2010

Smile After Long Holiday

Yap, and now the long holiday, wait.... 1,2,3, quite long, is almost finished. Mm, at least 3 days off after having National Exam? I think i deserve it. And, what did i do during those days off? Mostly nothing, just sat in front of my computer, posted something on my tumblr, blog walking, and many unimportant things. But yeah, but at least i could relieve my stress and minds about that national exam.

Actually, i have no specific intent by posting this post at night, mm, just 1 hour before midnight. I just wanna do something before i go to bed. hahaha.

Novel atau komik?

komik. pasti!

Ask me, i'll answer . (^_^)

Kenapa pengen masuk smanti?

pengen aja gatau kenapa. hehe

Ask me, i'll answer . (^_^)

Pelajaran apa yg paling susah di UN?

apa ya? bahasa indonesia kayaknya. hahah. doain aja nilainya bagus

Ask me, i'll answer . (^_^)

April 1, 2010

Thank's God!!!

Udah lamaa ga ngepooossst

Akhirnya ya Allahm UN selesai jugaaaa. Semoga nilainya bagus bagus. Yaaa walopun ada beberapa yang salah.
At least gue mau NEM gue diatas 36.00. Amin ya Allah. Amin

Seenggaknya 90% gue ngerjainnya jujur. haahahaha
10% gue nanya rumus fisika ke piwi. Haahaha

Semoga yang 10% itu bisa dimaafkan.