May 28, 2010


Yesterday, i recieved message from an old friend.. here is the message: 

I know you trough one name

I understand you trough a reflection

I remember you trough a memory  

I love you trough a bond of friendship
I got it from my old friend which i thought she didn't consider me as her best friend anymore but yeah, i was wrong

And what happened next really surprised me

4 inbox from 4 different people sent me the same message .
And they were all my old best friend
OMFG, i really thought that they had forgotten me. But oh, once again i had they wrong.

So, what i wanna say is.. Don't you ever think that your old best friends forget you because if you still keep 'em in your heart, they'll do it as well.

So damn bored!!


When i was having my national exam, and when i still had so many test, i always thought that vacation is the best thing ever i needed that time. Yeah, ONLY THAT TIME!!!


But as i see now, i do nothing on my holiday. No vacation trip, no having fun, and of course i'm out of money.

So, the only thing want now is.. um.. play together w/ my friends. But ugh.. i don't know where the hell are they now??

Actually, i have money. But, i keep it for buying Toywatch or Ice Watch next month. I really wanna have one of that watch. So, i have to keep my money, at least, til next month which means i cant go anywhere because i cant use my money for something else. damn!!

And now i'm looking forward to go to my grandma's house :))))

Grandmaaaaaa, i'm coming!!!!!!!

May 22, 2010

Thank's God, it's more than enough!!

This morning, i got my test result. And the result was... I'M ACCEPTED!!! BIG thanks God!!!

It was even more terrific this morning. He's accepted too!! And also all of my best friend that ever been in 1 school with me. What a day!!!

I still can't believe the result i got this morning. It was more like a sweet dream, but even sweeter that i can imagine. lol

All of my work and my pray were paid off!! I was too happy til i couldn't even cry!!

Thanks God!!! It's even mooore than enough!!

May 21, 2010

I'm Sorry Mom!!

Lately, gue sering berantem ma nyokap . The reason? everything!!! mulai dari hal sepele ga penting abis ampe masalah besar. 

Then, gue share ke best friend ever gue, Ben. His respond? Ah, gila ga nyangka dia bisa ngomong sedalem itu ampe bikin gue nangis di bahunya.

Setelah gue share semuanya ke dia dan bilang gue gedek banget ma nyokap gue, he said, " Rin, lu mikir gak sih.. di dunia ini... gak akan ada 1 manusia yang mau rela mati demi ibunya, tapi ibu kita itu satu-satunya manusia yang mau rela mati demi ngelahirin kita!! Jadi kalo lu bilang nyokap lu benci sama lu, lu salah besar!! Dia sayang sama lu lebih dari apapun!! Apapun!!"

Glek...!! Gue skakmat dengan ucapan ben. Shit!! Kenapa gue ga pernah mikir sampe kesitu?

Dan akhirnya tanpa sadar gue nangis di bahunya. 

Damn!! what the hell? all things he said was all true!!
Damn!! gue jadi nak udah durhaka banget!!
Aarrgh! selama ini gue mikir apa sih??!

Moooom, i'm sorry
Mamaaaa, aku minta maaf. I love you for my whole life

May 20, 2010


Just like usual, nothing special this morning. But just a moment ago, i was thinking about my daily routines at school. Yeahh.. there's no doubt that i really miss that moment. 

Usually, around 8 o'clock, i usually still wait for my teacher and mostly, i hope that there will be no teacher today but everytime i do that, all teacher wheter needed or not, enter my class. sigh.. i used to hate that. But now, i really miss that.

My favorite part all the time is - of course, spent my day with Piwi, Isna, Putri and Imara. Yeah, the funniest, most exciting moment on my junior high school experience is when i was with them and will always be. OMFG, i desperately miss them now!!! But ugh.. it won't last forever. Next Wednesday, i'll have my graduation party and i'm formally not their classmate and their schoolmate anymore. WOW!! Sometimes i wanna cry when i have to think about it. damn!!

Actually, there's one thing that make me feel sad. I've just known them on 1 last year of my time in Junior High School. But thanks God and thanks for you guys that i mention above and for all  member of class 9G, this last 1 year, it's my best time ever.

Thanks for the laugh, thanks for the joke, thanks for the tears, thanks for the anger, thanks for annoying, thanks for our half-dirty class, thanks for everything that makes me happier and happier each day. Yeah... it's you, my best freinds!!!

Holy crap!!! I'm almost crying when i type this!!

May 19, 2010

I heart John Mayer

Been a long time i havent' talked anything about John Mayer. hehehe

I just wanna share this
(gak kreatif banget ni posting, bodo ah. yang penting I heart John Mayer)

(baca: I Love John Mayer)


It's all finished but ugh... I'm boring now

YEAAAAH!!! I've completed all of my exams and test and now all i have to do is waiting for the result. The result will be released on 1..2..3.. yeah 3 more days. But what should i do on 3 days ???

I have to say that previously on my post, i said i wanna have a loooong holiday. But i wanna go to school right now!!!

This is what i feel now, i feel bored, anxious, and curious of my test result. That's why i dont wanna be at home now because all i need now is my friends!! Gah...

Since the first day of selection test for admission of new student, i keep thinking of my result whether i'll be accepted or not. But please God, i really wanna be accepted there!!

I've done my best and now all i can do is praying. 

Damn!!! Think about it makes me feel dizzy.. Hhh.. 

I really can't stop thinking about the result. OMFG, I don't know what i have to do to take over my mind to other things. Please anyone!!!! Give me idea!!

Okay, i'll call my friend now so that i can relieve my stress. 

Wish me luck guys!!!

I hope i'll be accepted there

May 12, 2010

I swear, I missed your smile

It's been almost 2 years that i haven't seen you. And yeah, i have to say i fall in love with you again. Lol.

I'm having my selection test for admission of new student in high school and... jeng jeng.. i met him at the first day of the test. We're having the test at the same school!!!! 

There's nothing much change from you except that you're much taller than the last time i met you. We used to have the same height even i was a bit taller than you. But now, it's clear that you are much taller than me. hehehehe.

1 thing that will never change, your smile. One of the most smile i wanna see. It doesn't change at all. In the morning you smiled at me on the first day.... I realized that i realllllly missed that wonderful smile that used to cheer me up. Gosh, i was so happy when i can see that smile again!!! Even when i did my test i smiled at myself and think how much i really missed that smile.  OMFG, i even can't describe how happy i was when he gave me that smile.

This morning was the 2nd day of the test. I saw him walking through the school yard. Damn!!!! It was very coool!!! I like the way he stood up and it was much different than last time i saw him. 

He's now very damn cool!!!!

Now, i'm still thinking about him when he walked he school yard this morning. He turns from a childish boy into a grown up boy. 

I'm so happy that we can meet each other again.

I hope that we both will pass this test and yeah,.. i hope another 3 years with you not only 1 year just  like on junior high school

Oh ya, btw, i still have 1 more day for the test. And it'll be on Friday. 

Math!!!!!!!!!!!! Omigosh... 

Wish me luck guys!!!!